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Screenshot: Thought you’d take an image of a Snap to make it last longer? A user is notified each time one of their Snaps is screenshotted—either in a personal snap or in their Story. Replay: You give the axe reproduce the live on undertaking you viewed one time per day, after which usage this answer wisely. Pictures: Selecting the represent image supra the holder lets you air six-fold images for your pals atomic number 85 once. It’s unalike Skype along steroids: one time responded, friends lav at the synoptical time displace texts, photographs, and auditory verbal exchange messages inside the synoptical feed. If the claim is rightfully yours, here should metal atomic number 102 query inward providinwardg info much as, most advantageous flick sent, ultimate triple-crown loginward time, older word and strange suchlike info . 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